GarageNet® Mobile-Valet

Proven Performance and Reliability

  • The GarageNet Mobile Valet solution consists of a ruggedized tablet or ruggedized cell phone running Android OS, a mobile printer and the powerful GarageNet Valet software.
  • Mobile Valet units operate for a standard 8-hour shift between charges and have built-in options for both Wi-Fi and cellular data communication to meet your operational needs.
  • Mobile Valet units process check-ins, checkouts and run reports providing a complete stand-alone solution where mobility is required or infrastructure is limited.
  • All credit card transactions are processed using end-to-end encryption beginning at the point-of-swipe, providing superior security.
  • All transaction information is securely transmitted via SSL to a hosted central database for storage and reporting using the GarageNet Back Office software, as well as to any additional GarageNet units on-site.

Further tailor your solution

with additional GarageNet components, including:

  • • SMS Text Message Retrieval Requests
  • • Remote Retrieval Printers
  • • Retrieval Status Monitors
  • • Valet POS Units
  • • Self-Pay Kiosks
  • • Self-Park Equipment
  • • Real-Time Event Notifications with SharkWatch Alerts

GarageNet Mobile Valet solutions

include the following features and functionalities


  • Transient, Monthly, Prepaid and other parker types.
  • Track Make, Color, License Plate, Customer Name, Vehicle Damage, etc.
  • License Plate Search for frequent parkers.
  • Enter return pick-up time (Optional).
  • 4-part ticket printed on-the-fly with Claim Check, Rack Stub, Location Stub & Window Stub.


  • Payment by Cash, Credit Card, Charge Account & Pre-Paid Reservation.
  • End-to-End encrypted credit card processing protects cardholder data and reduces the scope of PCI compliance for merchants.
  • Advanced rating engine provides flexibility for everything from basic hourly rates to complex specials with a variety of entry/exit time parameters.
  • Ticket Search for customers who lost their claim check.
  • Discounts & validations.


  • On-Unit – View real-time reports, including Open Tickets, Closed Tickets, Deposit, Deposit Summary, Daily Stats, monthly customer A/R Balance and more, plus historical Deposit and Deposit Summary reports.
  • Web – View detailed real-time, month/year-to-date comparisons and historical reports. Perform in-depth data analysis for one or multiple locations.

Optional Features

  • SMS Text Messaging allows customers to request their vehicles by texting ahead.
  • Remote Retrieval Printers and Monitors notify the attendants of pending checkouts & retrieval requests.
  • Retrieval Status Monitors display current vehicle retrieval status to customers.
  • SharkWatch Alerts automatically email reports & notify individuals of specific events.